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The City of Marinette has adopted state statutes and created city ordinances concerning animal ownership to protect the public health and safety of its citizens. The city promotes the general welfare of citizens and animals residing within the city through the state statutes and city ordinance set forth.

The primary responsibility is placed on the animal owners to properly maintain and secure their animals to prevent them from causing injuries and/or creating nuisances.

Enforcement: Violations of state statutes and city ordinances will be addressed by written warnings and/or citations. Violations of a more serious nature may be referred to the District Attorney's office for charges.
Municipal Ordinance Chapter 9:

Listed are a few commonly asked questions:
Q-Is it a requirement to have your dog licensed and have rabies vaccination in the City of Marinette and if so how do I obtain a license?
A-Yes. It is required by Chapter 95 and 174 of Wisconsin State Statutes. Rabies vaccination are required for all dogs within 30 days after the dog reaching four (4) months of age and re-vaccinated within one year after the initial vaccination by a veterinarian. The dog must be re-vaccinated when the certificate expires or within three (3) years of the previous vaccination.

To obtain a dog license you must provide proof of vaccination to the city clerk at the time the license is obtained.

The cost for a dog license per year is as follows:
Dogs not neutered or spayed is $10.00 per year

Dogs neutered or spayed is $5.00 per year

A licensed purchased after April 1st of that year a $5.00 late fee will be added

Note: In addition to dogs, all cats and ferrets are also required to have up to date rabies vaccinations, but no license is required.

Q-Is it legal to let your dog/cat run at large?

A-No, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to maintain control of the dog whether it is on his/her property or off property by use of a leash not longer than six (6) feet.

Q-Are dogs/cats allowed in cemeteries?

A-No, dogs/cats are prohibited from being in cemeteries. Dogs specially trained as service dogs shall be exempt.

Q-How many animals are allowed in a residence?

A-Three (3) animals of any allowed species over the age of six (6) months is permitted in any dwelling unit or premises. Pet stores, establishments for boarding or sale of animals, veterinary clinics, and kennels do not apply.

Q-Is there a time frame/or time of day in the city for barking dog?

A-No, there is no time frame/or time of day. The ordinance states if a dog habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person/persons it is in violation.

Q-What should I do if my dog/cat gets loose or is missing?

A-You can contact Animal Control at 715-732-5204, the Marinette Police Department at 715-732-5200 to report it. Your name, address, phone number, description of dog/cat will be entered into our computer system in case someone calls that they have found the dog/cat matching the description. You can also contact the Menominee Animal Shelter at 906-864-7297 or Town and Country Veterinarian Clinic at 715-735-9511.

Note: All dogs found in the City of Marinette are impounded at the Menominee Animal Shelter. All cats found in the City of Marinette are impounded at Town and Country Veterinarian Clinic.

Q-If I or a member of my family is bitten by an animal do I have to report it?

A-It is the responsibility of any person having knowledge that an animal bite has taken place to report it within 24 hours to either the Marinette Police Department or the Marinette County Public Health Department. Any person seeking medical attention because of an animal bite will automatically be reported to the Marinette County Public Health Department by the attending physician. If possible the name and address of the owner, and circumstances under which the bite occurred, is very helpful information in determining what type of health prevention measures need to be taken.

If you are the owner of an animal that has bitten someone, please have your animal's veterinary records readily available to show proof of up to date rabies vaccinations. If you are unable to do so at the time of the report your animal will be impounded and quarantined for 10 days for rabies observation at an isolation facility at the owner's expense.

Currently vaccinated animals may be quarantined at owner's site or premises. A total of three (3) "well animal checks" must occur by a veterinarian. The initial check within 24 hours of the report, a final check on the 10th day of the quarantine, and one check on an intervening day, at owner's expense.

Animal Feces:

Any person owning or having control of any dog, cat, or other animal shall clean up the feces of such animal immediately and dispose of it in a sanitary manner, and shall carry the appropriate equipment to do so when on property, public, or private, not owned or controlled by such person. No animal feces shall be permitted to remain exposed upon any public or private property.

Red Arrow Park has an animal feces disposal station set up on the south side of the parking lot. Feces bags and a feces disposal container are provided. Citizens, please use this convenient station to depose your animals' waste.

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