Room Tax Commission

The Room Tax Commission shall consist of four (4) members appointed by the Mayor and shall be confirmed by the majority vote of all members of the Common Council. One of the Room Tax Commission members, who may be exempt from the residency restrictions set forth in Marinette Municipal Code 2.0419, shall represent the Wisconsin hotel and motel industry. Room Tax Commission members shall serve for a one-year term, at the pleasure of the Mayor, and may be reappointed.

​The Room Tax Commission shall use the room tax revenue that it receives from the City of Marinette for tourism promotion and tourism development in the City of Marinette; reporting any delinquencies or inaccurate reporting of room tax to the City; reporting at least annually to the City the purposes for which the room tax revenues it received were spent.  The Room Tax Commission may not, however, use any of the room tax revenue it receives to construct or develop a lodging facility.