What can prevent cross-connections from occurring?

Backflow preventers can reduce the risk and protect our community from widespread illness and disease. They are devices that prevent water from moving backward into the water system through combinations of check values or hydraulic breaks. Backflow preventers come in many sizes, specifications and degrees of complexity, depending on the problem being addressed.

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1. What is a cross-connection?
2. What is the Utility doing to prevent cross-connections?
3. Will my home be inspected?
4. What will the inspectors be looking for?
5. How will I know what is found during the inspection?
6. What can prevent cross-connections from occurring?
7. How will I know if the backflow preventer I'm installing is an approved device?
8. How quickly do I need to make the required change(s)?
9. What happens if a property owner doesn't make the necessary corrections or refuses to allow the inspector to check the plumbing?
10. What do I need to do after the corrections are made?
11. What is the cost to the property owner?