Storm Sewer Upkeep and Lawn Care

Marinette's storm sewer system is designed to remove water from yards and streets in order to prevent flooding.  Everything that is put into the storm sewer system ends up in Green Bay or the Menominee River.

Yard Waste Tips

Do not blow or rake yard waste into the street.  Sweep or rake for proper disposal.  Check storm drain inlets near your neighborhood to make sure they are free of debris.  

How You Can Make a Difference

The only thing you should pour down a storm sewer is water.  When watering, try to use a sprinkler that shoots low to your lawn.  Instead of blowing your grass clippings onto the road, blow the grass into the rest of the yard in order to retain moisture. Remove grass and other lawn trimmings that may fall into the storm gutter system.

Effects of Careless Mowing

Grass clippings produce nitrogen and phosphorus when mixed with the water from lakes and rivers, and will produce algae blooms.  Clippings, leaves, and other debris will clog storm sewer pipes, therefore causing the pipes to fail during periods of heavy rain.  Blocked pipes are expensive to repair, and will require heavy construction to fix.  If grass clippings are blown off the lawn, the grass can become dry and require more water usage to look good.

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