Fence Requirements

A permit is required to install or replace a fence.

  • Zoning permit fee is $40.00
  • Fences in alleyway must have 4' property line setback.
  • Corner lots may need vision triangle setback.
  • Side yard fences can be placed up to the lot line.
  • The most aesthetic side of the fence has to face out.
  • Fences in residential zones cannot exceed 6' in height in the side and rear lots and 3' in the front yard.
  • Fences can be constructed of wood, wrought iron, stone, chain link, brick, decorative concrete block.
  • A drawing is required to show where the fence will be installed in relation to lot lines and buildings.
  • Digger's Hotline is required to be called prior to placing any fence posts. (Dial 811)
  • Pools require a fence and have specific design specifications.

     Contact the Building Inspector, Curt Demlow, (715) 923-0720 for more information.