When a Residential Permit is Required

All fences, new or replacement, require a zoning permit.  Height restrictions, setbacks, and types of fences allowed, change based on the zoning of your property.

Sheds, Carports, Lean-to, Pools, Hot Tubs, Spa, 
Any new or altered accessory building, pool or similar item does require a permit.

Footprint Changes
Any alteration to the footprint or outside dimensions of your home requires a permit. This includes bedrooms, room additions, decks, garages and sheds. 

New Windows/Doors
Replacing a single existing window or door doesn’t require a permit as long as the size is the same.  Changing a window or door size does require a permit, including skylights.

If you’re installing new or removing existing electrical, a permit is required. Moving a receptacle requires a permit. Replacement of devices such as electrical switches, receptacles, and light fixtures does not require a permit, but moving or adding onto a wire or box does.  Replacing a toilet, sink, tub/shower unit does not require a permit, but replacing a water heater, or moving any water or drain pipe does require a permit.

Structural Changes
Any project involving changes to the support system of the home such as foundation, floors, walls, and roof requires a permit. This includes changes to load-bearing walls, decks, balconies and porches. 

General Building Changes
Any project involving the re-configuring of space that was previously regarded as not finished such as an attic, unfinished basement, or garage to home conversion in which you are going to use for living space does require a permit.

A permit is required for siding projects that encompass the majority of one wall or greater.

A permit is required to replace your furnace. A permit is also required for ventilation system changes.

Projects That Do Not Require a Permit
Renovations that do not require a permit include:

  • Painting, decorating or wallpapering
  • Installing hardwood floors or carpeting (if staying with the same thickness of floor material or where stairs are not involved)
  • Minor electrical repairs that do not involve new service or moving existing service such as changing out a switch, receptacle or light fixture.
  • Installing new counter tops
  • Replace a faucet, toilet, or sink basin
  • Landscaping (erosion control permit may be needed, depending on size)
  • Tree houses, play sets, temporary type structures

How Do I Get a Permit?
Apply for a permit at 1905 Hall Ave. or Building Permit Application