Residential Cross Connection Q&A

Cross-Connections Can Contaminate Our Safe Water

We are all aware that certain organic and chemical substances can contaminate the safe water coming out of our faucets. Citizens and businesses, through their utility bills, contribute considerable money every year to provide and protect a safe public water supply. Cross-connections are one of the factors that threaten the safety of our water.

Cross Connection Requirements

Safe Drinking Water

Cross-connections are a serious threat to the health and safety of all water users! Consumers turn their faucets on and what they believe to be "safe drinking water" is immediately available, pure and plentiful. "Safe drinking water" is Federally mandated and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, despite these strict regulations, extremely dangerous situations could occur when back flow contaminants are inadvertently allowed to enter our safe drinking water supplies! Cross-connection control is a long-term investment, which requires a cooperative effort between plumbing and health officials, the Utility, and property owners. The Water Utility greatly appreciates your help in keeping our water supply safe.