Proper Storm Sewer Connections

Proper Storm Sewer


A.  No person shall discharge, or cause to be discharged, any storm water, foundation drain water, groundwater, roof runoff, surface drainage, or unpolluted industrial cooling waters to any sewer connected to the Utility's wastewater treatment plant.

B.  All roof downspouts, exterior foundation drains, areaway drains, or other sources of surface runoff or groundwater connected to a building sewer or building drain which are connected directly or indirectly to a public sanitary sewer shall be disconnected.  No person shall make connection of downspouts, groundwater drains, or other surface runoff sources, directly or indirectly, to a public sanitary sewer.

C.  Any person in violation of this section shall disconnect all downspouts or groundwater drains, no later than thirty days from the date of an official written notice by the Control Authority.  If any person fails to comply after the expiration of the time provided, the Control Authority may cause disconnection to be made.  The expense thereof shall be assessed as a special tax against the property.  The Control Authority may waive these requirements for good cause shown.